Project Updates

25 new trees were planted in a renovated area as part of Action C2.

Removal if invasive species Arundo donax from Wied il-Luq as part of Action C4.  

Putting up information signs around Buskett in regenerated areas as part of Action C2.

    The intervention to save a collapsed Populus alba in the watercourse proved to be a success. Six months later, the tree is sprouting new branches and leaves.  

Works on wall number 59 are now complete. Works on a damaged wall behind Tal-Ispirtu Farmhouse have commenced. (part of Action C2)

All tree planted areas are now getting ready for autumn. (part of Action C5)

Works on Wall number 43 are now complete. A collapsed wall near Wall number 10 is now being repaired.

Seeds of Rhamnus aleternus sown last month have started to give results. (part of Action C5)    

Tree planted areas are being well maintained despite the harsh and dry summer season. (part of Action C5).