Project Actions
  • Action A


  • Action C


  • Action D


  • Action E


  • Action F


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Project Completion: 53%

preparatory_iconsA – Preparatory Actions

A1 – Meetings with national stakeholders
A2 – Issue of Malta Environment and Planning Authority (MEPA) permits

monitor_logoC – Concrete Conservation Actions

C1 – Repair/restoration/rebuilding of retaining walls, arched buttresses and stone slabs alon watercourse supporting Annex I habitats
C2 – Introduction of soil stabilisation measures including repair/restoration/rebuilding of retaining walls (not included in Action CI) supporting Annex I habitats along watercourse and on valley sides
C3 – Selective removal of silt/boulders from parts of the watercourse
C4 – Removal of invasive species
C5 – Seed collection and planting of saplings of characteristic trees

preparatory_iconsD – Monitoring of the impact of the project actions

D1 – Monitoring of Actions C1 and C2 with respect to retaining walls
D2 – Monitoring of silt/debris flows in the areas covered by works under actions C1 and C2, silt/boulders removal (Action C3), removal of invasive alien species (C4) and planting of new trees (C5)
D3 – Assessment of socio-economic impacts of project

E – Public Awareness and dissemination of results

E1 – Public relations
E2 – Creation of logo
E3 – Official project launch
E4 – Life+ notice boards
E5 – Project website
E6 – Printing and distribution of informative brochures
E7 – Production of a short film at the end of the project
E8 – Meetings with local stakeholders
E9 – Awareness of project among visitors to Buskett
E10 – Layman’s report
E11 – Closing conference

preparatory_iconsF – Overall project operation and monitoring of the project progress

F1 – Project management and MSDEC-PARK Unit
F2 – Project monitoring
F3 – Project reporting
F4 – External audit
F5 – Networking with other projects
F6 – After-LIFE conservation plan