Action C3: Selective removal of silt and boulders from parts of the watercourse

The collapse of soil retaining walls in the past has released large volumes of sediment and boulders into the watercourse and subsequently transported downstream by water runoff. Downstream sedimentation of silt and boulders may modify hydrological dynamics and soil properties, including aeration and infiltration capacity, potentially degrading the quality of Annex I habitats that include other locally rare trees characteristic of the Mediterranean riparian woodland.

Selected parts of the watercourse that are silted or contain boulders which present a direct threat to the targeted Annex I habitats will be cleaned. Such intervention will be carried out selectively using light tools without the use of heavy machinery.

It should be noted that minimal silt is proposed to be removed where necessary because such disturbance may lead to the proliferation of ruderal, opportunistic species and invasive alien species. In certain areas it may also lead to the destabilisation of mature trees.