Action C5: Seed Collection & Planting of Saplings of Characteristic Trees – Tree Planting at Buskett

The project aims to enhance the Buskett woodland through the propagation and planting of characteristic tree species. The selected tree species include Carob (Ħarrub), Olive (Żebbuġ), Holm Oak (Ballut), Hoary Elm (Nemmiesa), Mediterranean Willow (Żafżafa żgħira), Lentisk (Deru), Mediterranean Buckthorn (Alaternu), Bay Laurel (Rand), White Willow (Żafżafa kbira), White Poplar (Luq), Narrow-Leaved Ash (Fraxxnu) and Aleppo Pine (Prinjol).

Plant material for propagation, such as seeds or cuttings, are collected from Buskett or other sources of local tree stock. These are then propagated and nurtured at the P.A.R.K. & Initiatives Directorate Nursery, located in Ta’ Qali. Upon maturation, the saplings will be planted at Buskett.

In fact, the LIFE Saving Buskett Project has designated 37,891m², consisting of open spaces for extension of woodland habitats and another 48,918.2m² for planting of characteristic trees to replace invasive species and felled trees.

Planting of indigenous tree saplings within Buskett is an ongoing process, which began in 2015 and will conclude once all the areas designated for planting have been planted.